Korean dermapen for medical microneedling(for skin clinic and medi-spa). It makes a lot of holes in a short time and make cosmetics penetrate into the skin layer. Also the needles stimulate the skin and elastine, collagen will be generated so that the skin cell will be regenerated and users can get the re-youth and recovery their skin condition. 

Specialty –

• Professional use with adjusting 0.1mm up to 2.0mm
• Hygienic and disposable and sterilized cartridge(EO gas) with safety use
• Fuse for protecting from over-current
• Comfortable for using and luxurious design
• Minimized pain through rapid movement
• Great effectiveness for wide range in a short time (50,000holes in 1min)
• Multiple screw to keep the power without dragging
• Simple type of on/off dial

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