Face Lifting Machine - Multi Shape

  • The best combinations of Multi-polar RF, Vacuum and Cavitation have shown effective body care
  • Using the specially designed Multi-polar applicator, target management for eye & neck lifting
  • Soft and powerful vibrational effect through the SuperPulse suction system
  • Multipurpose management to accommodate for the diverse needs of patients
  • Using a diverse array of applicators, it is an easy and convenient way for whole body management (removable method and automatic recognition function)
  • Technology integrated to reduce vibrational sounds to bare minimum.      


  • Using the new patented technology SuperPulse from the Vacuum, the best results are achieved for body care management
  • Endermologie function with no pain and high quantity of motion
  • Able to control the level of Vacuum and Release to achieve the best results
  • User is able to enjoy the smooth and gentle sensation of the *Sliding Technology
  • 15 pulse outputs per second to achieve maximum effect of physical activity
  • Sliding Technology – Enables the selection of vacuum and release area between “A”, “B”, “C”, facilitating the smooth and free movement of the handpiece which enhances the treatment efficiency



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