N-Finders Co., Ltd. is a relatively new corporation which has been established in 2012, winning considerable recognition in regenerative medicine market based on regenerative medical theory with a group of experts.

With “Regeneration” as a motto, regenerative medicine “RE:” brand was launched. Its collection includes RE: PRP, RE: PDO Thread and Ozein Peel(O₃) which received the world’s first patent. Besides, its usefulness is extended to skin care, hair loss, obesity and pain treatments on the basis of scientific evidence through clinical trails.


Lifting Thread

N-COG is an acronym of Newton Cog which prevents wrinkled skin with the equal pull caused by stress dispersion during a procedure. It also cuts down side effects of breaking through skin caused by a mass of short cog, and minimizes inflammatory response by inserting thin cog thread. As a new type of thread with processus produced by inserting short two-way processus into PDO thread, pressure that the tissue delivers to thread is effectively dispersed because of holding effect of short processus, and finally adequate tissue contouring is also possible.

Lifting Thread

N-COG Spiral is barbed spirally and multi-directionally. In other word, multi-directional cogs are barbed spirally. This unique feature enhances tissue holding force and makes it very distinctive from other 3D bi-diretional barbed thread. The middle of traditional bi-directionally barbed thread gets the most stress and stress gradually decreases according to the distance from the center. N-COG Spiral PDO thread is designed to achieve that every cogs are stressed almost same as cogs located in the middle of bi-directional thread.

N-COG Spiral PDO Thread has new type of cogs which can distribute stress and hold tissue stronger base on multi-directional cogs. after insertion. If target site is expected to move a lot or anchoring site is weak, N-COG Spiral PDO would be the best option.

  1. Extra ordinary lifting strength : More anchoring in 360°

  2. Even distribution of strength : Multi-directional cogs hold tissue more evenly.

  3. No unexpected results : No dimple, inflammation, and protrusion

  4. Thin area to thick area : Better performance to all applicable site

Lifting Thread

N-COG Royal was developed from the idea of N-COG that is globally recognized for its safety and effectiveness. It was achieved based on the constant researches done throughout the production. Unlike molding and press thread, N-COG Royal is a handmade product that is exquisitely designed with an unique pattern added onto the basic of N-COG Spiral. It is the royal family of threads that brings the ultimate effect of tissue fixation. Not only does it induce collagen proliferation, skin tightening, whitening, and rejuvenation, it can lift all layers of the skin including: periosteum, SMAS and dermis. The new pattern of the Royal cogs can guarantee an outstanding lifting result despite the friction from all directions. You may now enjoy the surgical effect that is stronger than it’s ever been by only MIS (Minimal Invasive Surgery) Non-Surgical Lifting procedure. The procedure may involve a combination of other threads including: N-Scaffold, N-cog Spiral, RE:mono thread and etc.

N-COG Royal Advantages

  1. Stronger lifting effect with spiral cog
  2. Excellent stability qualified by N-cog
  3. Expandability of targeting various tissues
  4. Convenience of inserting multiple threads at once
  5. Improvement of epidermis and lifting of deep and
    superficial layer combining with a variety of the
    company products

Nose Reshaping Thread

Y-KO stimulates patient’s intrinsic healing process in order to re-shape nose. Expected results are lift of nasal ridge, and shrinkage of nasal base with minimized use of filler and other implant object. It is simpler and safer treatment for nose compare to open Rhinoplasty.

Furthermore PDO plate is used as guide of cartilage regrowth preventing 2nd deviation. Studies showed it’s a safe, and stable material to implant it to nose.
Inserted thread works as structural fixture which results in different shape compare to filler, and other injectables. Unlike filler, thread does not influence to shape of nose due to disperse, inflammation, immune response and etc.

Y-KO is unique in term of the way it is barbed. To enhance tissue holding strength, two types of pattern are barbed. One is multi directional cogs and the other is uni-directional cogs. Unlike other thread with bi-directional cogs, it does not cause migration of thread which the main reason of complication or side effect. PDO is proven to be safe for use on nose by utilizing plate form.

Filler Thread

N-SCAFFOLD is a well developed product by numerous research that N-Finders has been working on. Unlike the existing mono and cog products, it has a structure of fine threads (USP 7-0) braided in a complex form. Despite its complex form, it can be applied non-invasively and can be expected to bring a good satisfaction in safety and effectivity.

N-SCAFFOLD works as a template after it’s inserted into the targeted area. The fibrin that appears from a wound healing response connects the gaps between PDO which helps attract and hold various regenerating factors and let regenerating cells migrate and proliferate easily. Cells that are concerned with induced regeneration are able to perform its role in the targeted areas and attract other cells of the immune response to land on their appropriate parts and attract other various factors in addition.

Filler Thread

What is Derma spring?
Spring-shaped PDO of high elasticity by special methods.
Derma spring is made to keep its own ability of restoration with the spring-like thread by hardening it after making turns to one direction and compresses better with physical stimulus upon tissue than normal plane PDO. The spring-shaped PDO, Derma-spring maintains original elasticity even when pulled up and down by force. That is, Derma spring plays a great role of maximizing the effects with high elasticity in our skin just as a bouncy spring with its elasticity.

Benefits of Derma-Spring
01 Spring-shaped PDO with high elasticity by special methods
02 Response made between constant physical stimulus and tissue through elasticity
03 Increase of collagen synthesis, Increase of secretion of growth factors & cytokines (high concentration effects) 6-0 PDO
04 Maximize fibrous bridging effect created between threads by winding up threads around a needle very densely with cylindrical pore
05 Argumentation effect by inserting densely wound threads (rolled length 2.0cm, unrolled length 10cm)
06 Lifting effect using directions of elasticity
07 Constant mechanotransduction effect through elasticity
08 Increase of secretion of cytokines
09 Lifting effect through collage generated along the line
10 Cell cultivation effect using wide contact surface and pore
11 Sterilized production for elasticity
12 Patented technology maintaining elasticity for 2 years at the longest


RE: Thread is a product made with surgical sutures and medical needles, and is highly effective in regenerating skin tissue and pain treatment merely via medical procedure, not with a surgical way, so it is acknowledged to be a safe product rated KFDA fourth grade.

It is an innovative non-surgical treatment that creates tightening & lifting effects by establishing fibrous bridging network at which collagen fiber is newly made around PDO through Thread & Tissue reaction.

RE: Thread has not only been proved effective by a clinical trial on mini pig, but also expanded its scope of procedure to treatment on pain and obesity.

Effects of RE: THREAD

  1. Very natural with no scars left after medical procedure
  2. Experience completely dramatic changes in a very short time for about 10 minutes with minimal invasive procedure method
  3. No scar left on face with not even 1mm incision made and no negative effect to daily life as no other recovery needed
  4. Unlike other lifting procedures, immediate effects can be experienced. And synergy effect is maximized if RE: Thread is used with other procedures jointly.
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